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Dental Implant FAQ

What are the Advantages of Dental Implant Restoration?


The restoration of dental implants can be less traumatic than placing crowns and bridges on teeth. When restoring teeth with crowns and bridges, local anaesthetic is used and the teeth need to be prepared with dental drills. In order to obtain an accurate impression cords are temporarily placed in the gum for the impression to be taken.


After the impression procedure provisional crowns are made for you to wear while the laboratory fabricates the final crowns and bridges. Often we require local anaesthetic to remove the provisional crowns and issue the final crowns and bridges.


With dental implants the restoration procedures are a lot simpler. The healing caps are removed from the dental implants and precision fitting impression post is attached. The impression is taken and the healing caps replaced. After the dental laboratory fabricates the implant crowns and bridges the healing caps are once again removed and the crowns and bridges placed. Often we do not need local anaesthetic with this procedure.