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Bone Grafting

A prerequisite for receiving dental implants is an adequate structure of existing bone, which will act as a stable foundation for your new restoration. If your bone cannot support an implant, Brener Clinic, North Sydney, can replace missing bone and help your body regenerate lost bone with the state of the art surgical procedure, bone grafting.

When is bone grafting required?

Your suitability for receiving dental implants depends on the condition of your existing bone. Tooth loss can cause bone deterioration. Bone grafting is designed specifically to replace lost bone. Growing new and healthy bone will provide support for your dental implants.
In some cases a persons may have a jawbone that is too narrow or shallow and cannot support an implant. They might also have a “bony defect” (missing a portion of bone). In all these cases, Brener Clinic uses the latest bone grafting techniques to help restore sufficient bone to support the dental implants.

What is a bone graft made from?

A person’s own bone, synthetic materials or donor bone may be used for a bone grafting procedure. Over time, the body’s own bone will replace the grafted material.