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Dental Hygiene

Prevention is a primary focus of our practice. Dental hygiene begins with Brener Clinic’s assessment and evaluation of your periodontal (gum) tissue.
An ideal home dental care routine is then designed for you. To enhance your home care, assistance is provided at Brener Clinic, including plaque removal, calculus (tartar), general staining, and the application of decay preventing agents.
If you are undergoing dental restorative, implant or cosmetic treatment, we can design a revised home care routine for you, monitoring your progress to ensure the best possible treatment outcome.
Regular hygiene appointments, along with optimum home care, ensures ongoing maintenance of your teeth and gums.

Rachel Terry, Dental Hygienist

Rachel Terry has extensive knowledge and experience with the specific requirements and techniques required for maintaining and promoting oral health. Rachel has been practicing with Brener Clinic for many years. She is in addition a member of Brener Implant Institute (BII) faculty, responsible for training dental practitioners, dental hygienists and assistants in implant care and maintenance.