All-on-4 Dental Implants

All-on-4 FAQ

Am I a Candidate for All-on-4?


If you are currently wearing dentures, or will need dentures in the future, and you are in good health with little bone deterioration, you could be a candidate for All-on-4.


If you or Brener Clinic have concerns about any health issues, we will contact your GP to discuss your medical condition and determine if this treatment is right for you. It is rare for a medical condition to interfere with your ability to have this procedure.


If Brener Clinic feels that you are not a good candidate for All-on-4 because of health concerns or severe bone loss, we can recommend alternative treatment options to meet your needs.


What is the Success Rate of All-on-4?


Published studies show a 98.2% success rate using All-on-4 in the lower arch, and a 94% success rate on the upper arch.


How Does All-on-4 Compare to Traditional Implants?


All-on-4 uses only 4 implants, unlike traditional implants which need anywhere from 5 to 8 implants in one arch. Because the posterior implants of the All-on-4 procedure are placed at an angle, allowing for increased bracing and strength by using greater volume of your bone.


Traditional implants often require bone grafting, a process that can take 6 months or more to heal. All-on-4 needs no bone grafting for most patients, with extremely high clinical success rates.


All-on-4 is designed to save you time and money as well as repeated surgery and discomfort.


Will All-on-4 Give Me a Natural-looking Result?


Prior to making your final set of new teeth, Brener Clinic will ensure that you are pleased with the size, shape, colour, proportion, and comfort of your new teeth.


Many of our patients tell us that their new teeth are more beautiful than their permanent teeth ever were. It is our goal to make you confident in your new smile.


Why don’t I Receive my Permanent Set of Teeth the Day my Implants are Placed?


Because of the exacting laboratory procedures needed, it takes 6 – 8 days to receive your All-on-4 bridge. The bridge will be a hybrid of the latest acrylic teeth and pink injection moulded resin, with a strong titanium frame that will allow you to enjoy all of your favourite foods.


The bridge can be upgraded to a ceramic type bridge after 5 months, once the integration of the dental implants is complete.


How soon will I be able to go back to work?
How soon will I be able to eat all my favorite foods after the All-on-4 procedure?